Our Story

The team at Anarchy Strength would like to share a little about themselves here so that our customers can get to know who we are and what we stand for as a company.

  • We are your neighbors that you know you can count on for a solid when you need it. 
  • We are a community driven company that loves our customers because we love seeing you conquer your goals.
  • We want you succeed in whatever you are doing, and we hope we can be a part, even just a small one, of your success. 
  • We are every day people that enjoy making innovative products that you love using in your pursuit of strength and that is what makes us happy.  We strive to run a company where helping people is the reason to work hard instead of just for profits.
  • We are real honest people that love what we do and want to have a positive impact on our lifting community through great products, great service, and helping people. 
  • We take a no-frills approach to our products and don’t have fancy marketing so we can pass that savings along to our customers. 



I have spent the last 10+ years creating some of your favorite home gym and lifting products. I love to design functional training equipment that allows you to train for powerlifting, strongman, or even just to stay in shape. My main focus is building indestructible equipment that has multiple uses so you get the most bang for your buck. I know you work hard for your money and my goal is to create products that enrich your training experience that you are happy to spend your hard earned money on. 

Best Equipped Competition lifts:

Squat: 950 lbs

Bench: 725 Lbs

Deadlift: 735 lbs

Total 2400 lbs 

“The rest of the Story”: 

I have worked in the strength industry my entire working life. I started working in a great gym called Duck’s gym when I was in middle school and had to get a ride to work form my parents to cover the weekend shift. I remember the long Saturdays and Sundays working 8-10 hours as a kid and loving (most) of it. I got to talk to so many lifters that had so much experience in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strongman it was a dream come true.    

Fast forward a few years and I am attending college at USC and looking for a job in Columbia SC. I am training at South Carolina Barbell so it only makes sense I want to work there as well. It takes some convincing, but eventually I start working there and after a few years take over operating Spud, Inc for Spud. 

Fast forward a few more years (10+). My wife Lindsay and I have been trying to have a baby for several years and finally we have success using IVF. If anyone has any experience with IVF you know it is a difficult and expensive time, but we were fortunate to get our daughter from it so I wouldn’t change a thing. This is a complete game changer for us and a major change/shift in our lives that we have waited on for so long. That is when we decided to move back home to Greenville, SC to be close to our families, and to start our own strength equipment company. That way I can continue to design great equipment for the customers I love serving all while spending as much time with my wife and daughter that I can running the business at home (for now). 


I have been in the retail industry for the last 15 years after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Retail Management. I worked for Limited Brands for 7 years before moving into the Social Media Manager role for Spud Inc. From there I learned about the world of strength straps and equipment, and I got to know so many of our amazing customers and what they were looking for when it came to quality content from a straps and equipment company. After 5 years with Spud Inc. I was pregnant with Dale's and my first child, and after years of fertility treatments I was ready to enjoy my time with our daughter so I became a stay at home mom. When the opportunity came for Dale and I to raise our daughter with both sets of grandparents back home in Greenville, SC we jumped at the chance. When we decided to form Anarchy Strength I was ready to head back into the world of strength equipment and social media so that I could help Dale to make this the best company for our customers. I can't wait to meet you all on our social media accounts!